Industrial Grade Urea for Chemical Raw Material Use

Industrial Grade Urea for Chemical Raw Material Use

Short Description:

1.Granular urea


3.Specification: Nitrogen:46%, Biuret: 1% max, Moisture:0.5% max

4.Application: for Agricultural use

Product Detail

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Product description

1.Used as fertilizer, applied to a variety soil and crops.
2.Used in textile,leather,medicine.
3.Mainly used as the raw material of BLENDING NPK.

In 2022, the potential supply of urea fertilizers is expected to reach 197 million metric tons.Increased fertilizer demands and has been especially noted in recent years in South Asia. Favorable weather also increases demand
for fertilizers in major agricultural regions.

Use of urea

Chemical name of the urea calls two amine of carbon acyl. Molecular formula: CO (NH2 ) 2, Urea (Carbamide/ Urea solution) is easy soluble in water and used as a neutral quick-released high concentration of nitrogen fertilizer.

The product is mainly applied to base fertilizer and top dressing of field crop such as wheat, corn, cotton, rice, fruit, vegetable and used for economic crops like tobacco, forestry tree, etc.

Urea Nitrogen Fertilizer

Urea is a spherical white solid. This is an organic amide molecule containing 46% nitrogen in the form of amino groups. Urea is inseparably dissolved in water and is suitable for use as agricultural and forestry, as well as for industrial applications that require a high-quality nitrogen source. This is not a poison for mammals and birds and is a benign and safe chemical treatment agent.

Advantages of urea

1.Urea is a high concentration of nitrogen fertilizer, is a neutral organic fertilizer,also can be used in the production of a
variety of compound fertilizer.
2.Urea is the raw material to produce (AdBlue / DEF ), which is a kind of liquid for reducing nitrogen oxide pollution in diesel
vehicle emission.
3.Urea can be a lot of as melamine, urea formaldehyde resin, hydrazine hydrate,tetracycline, phthalein, monosodium glutamate and
other products the production of raw materials.
4.For steel, stainless steel chemical polishing has whitening effect, used as a corrosion inhibitor in the metal pickling, also
used in the preparation of the palladium activation fluid.

Urea is cheap to transport

Urea is a spherical white solid. It is an organic amide molecule containing 46% nitrogen in the form of amine groups. Urea is infinitely soluble in water and is suitable for use as an agricultural and forestry fertilizer as well as for industrial applications which require a high quality nitrogen source. It is not a poison to mammals and birds and is a benign and safe chemical to handle.
More than 9O% of world industrial production of urea is destined for useas a nitrogen-release fertilizer.
Urea has the highest nitrogen con-tent of all solid nitrogenous fertilizersin common use.
Therefore, it has the lowest transpor-tation costs per unit of nitrogen nutri-ent.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 50/500/1,000 kg pp bag,small bag, according to customer demand
Port: Qingdao, China


Q1.Are you trader or manufacture?
A: Qingdao Starco Chemical Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer with factory located in Qingdao city Shandong Province and plant area covers over 80,000 square meters; You are highly welcome to our factory for visiting and inspections, we provide the best service for all customers.

Q2.What's product the delivery time ?
A: Deposit received 7-15 days of delivery. For special products like machine delivery time will be according to production situations.

Q3.Can you proceed by our specification and package?
A: Definitely available, we do OEM service and any of your request about package can be customized.

Q4.Why did lots of customers choose us?
A: Stable quality, high efficient reply, very professional and experienced sales service.

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