Automotive Grade Urea for SCR System

Automotive Grade Urea for SCR System

Short Description:

Product name: Industrial Grade Urea


Annual output: 2,000,000

Properties: Urea is a white, odorless, granular crystal.

Uses: can be used in organic synthesis industry as industrial raw material, and can be used in medicine, dye, textile, explosive, petroleum refining, printing and dyeing and other industrial production.

Packing: 50kg plastic woven bag with plastic bag lining. 1000kg plastic woven bag, direct packing, no need for repackaging.

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Urea features

When heating temperature of urea is higher than its melting point, it is decomposed into biuret, ammonia and cyanic acid. 1g soluble in 1mL water, 10ml 95%ethanol, 1ml 95%boiling ethanol, 20mL anhydrous ethanol, 6ml methanol and 2mL glycerol. Soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid, almost insoluble in ether and chloroform. The pH of 10% aqueous solution is 7.23. Irritating.

why choose it

It is the only type of Urea that meets the ISO 22241 specification and the only suitable Urea for the production of DEF/AUS32/ARLA32 solutions. For meeting the ISO 22241 the Urea needs to be of highest purity/quality. We supply high premium-quality Urea and ship our products to our customers on the shortest and most competitive way. This product is used to reduce diesel exhaust pollution in liquid nitrogen oxides, nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water, reducing toxic exhaust gas emissions and reduce pollution. This product is applicable to all countries IV, V, EuropeIV, EuropeV emission standards for various types of commercial vehicles, automobiles, construction machinery and other large diesel engine SCR systems.


Q1. Do you have MOQ?
A: It depends on different ideas, it can be negotiated.The larger the quantity is, the competitive the unit price will be.

Q2. Should the customer pay the delivery fee? And how much is it?
A: We usually sent you the free samples and we will pay for the delivery fee. If you want us to use your appointed Express, you need share with us your express account or you will pay according to the express company.

Q3.How about the after sale service?

(1)We will always keep the quality the same as the buyer's samples.
(2)We will suggest our packing and take charge in our packing, we will keep the goods
safe in the delivery.
(3)We will trace the goods from the production to selling, and we’re always proactive in solving any problems.

Q4.When can I get a price?
A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.

Q5: Are you a trade company or manufacturer?
A: We are a professional manufacturer with our own factory.

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